Landstalker Translation Tool

What's this about?

Hello people, Gufino2 here! This is the official (yet uncomplete) page for my Landstalker Translation Tool. This software is the result of my efforts in combining all togheter (and with a nice GUI) all the small tools I wrote to make my italian translation of Climax' "Landstalker", a marvellous game for Sega MegaDrive/Genesis platform ( here's the translation page, in italian language). I was fine with my small CLI tools, until one fine day the nice guys at asked me if I could give 'em my tools, since they want to translate Landstalker in Portuguese language. I said "Yeah, guys, just let me turn my raw tools in something more useful", and LTT is the result. And it is free here, you can take it and use to make your own version of Landstalker. You can translate the game in your language, or you can just play around with it and change Nigel's speech into a cool dude from the block, or whatever your mind tells you :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The software is in a sort of beta version: this means that the software works, it worked for me, but in some rare case may not work as we expect, it is still buggy, and has little error-checking (haven't had the time to code this yet, real-life work is always eating all my day, d'uh). Oh, I almost forgot: using LTT is fairly easy but READ CAREFULLY the included help file, it will tell you how to use the software in the right way. Use it at your own risk, enjoy iy at your own risk ;)

For any info, suggestion, bug-report, friendship or anything else, mail me at bugsman[at]libero[dot]it

This zip archive contains my LTT software and also contains my GeneTic software. GeneTic is a bi-language (Italian-English) tool for MegaDrive/Genesis roms: it can convert between Bin & Smd formats, can apply IPS patches, con fix rom headers and checksum, and lets you read the rom infos. Official GeneTic page is